Finances exhibit the various economical associations and developing of funds from money sources and the procedure of distributing national receipts in accordance to the usage and the distribution. The definition is provided to the conditions of capitalism when the cash commodity relations gain a big character.

Finances show the creation of a centralized ad money sources and economic relations with the usage and the distribution that serve for the fulfilment of the state functions and also the provisions of the conditions of the broad production. The definition is brought without exhibiting the environment of the action. We share this explanation of finances and think to make some type of specification.

The finances can overcome the distribution of service of the national income and it is a fundamental foundation of finances. The usage and formation of the decreasing fund is the portion of financial aspect that is not the distribution of the national income but to the distribution the developed value.

This is the portion of the value of major industrial funds and is moved to the price of a ready product and is set the depression fund. It is the source that is taken into account prior to the depression type of the cost price.



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